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In an age where the value of an organization lies increasingly in the value of its relationships and reputation, communication is becoming something that defines who you are rather than what you do.

How can this be explained and made real? How do communicators help CEOs define and lead these new organizations? How can communicators embed listening-based communication across the culture of the entire organization? How do they then articulate their roles within it?

Answering these questions will build on the work of  the Sixth World Public Relations Forum in 2010, where professionals from more than 30 countries contributed to and endorsed the Stockholm Accords defining the value contributed by public relations professionals to organizations and society.

But the world today is different from what it was only two years ago, as organizations and society struggle to adapt in an age when both internal and external publics have unprecedented communication access, influence and power.

Informed by the Stockholm Accords and a recent survey of its members around the world, the Global Alliance is now exploring an updated approach to the organizational and societal value that communicators can contribute as we prepare for our 2012 World Public Relations Forum in Melbourne, Australia.

We kindly invite you to submit comments on the opportunity, role and value of public relations and communication management in these areas:

1. Defining organizational character    

If reputation is an absolute measure of how others judge an organization, an authentic and aspirational effort to define its DNA or core character and ways of doing things might be the organization’s way of influencing the factors that build that reputation. 

How can communicators contribute to defining, maintaining, assessing and sustaining an organization’s DNA or core character?

2. Creating a culture of listening and engagement

The widespread use of digital networks makes communication a richer and yet riskier process than ever before. But today’s tools are only a means to an end: that of embedding a culture of listening and engagement not just in the communications department, but across the organization.

How can communicators develop and deploy this culture for the benefit of both the organization and its stakeholders?

3. Understanding personal, organizational and professional responsibility

Individuals, organizations and professions bear responsibilities to society – bringing ethical and sustainability considerations into the decisions and actions we undertake every day.

Where lies the nature of a communicator’s responsibility today? Which processes can ensure a coherent, yet sustainable, balance of the three spheres?

4. Any other important issues or areas.

Read the full abstract.

Leave a general comment.

Leave a comment on Character, Responsibility and Listening.

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8 Responses to The Melbourne Mandate

  1. jeanvalin1 says:

    The conversation is starting yet it is not too late to join working groups. We currently have approximately 100 people signed up to various working groups ( see sub pages). Please share your views on the respective pages and watch for instructions from co-chairs for participation in webinars and confernce calls over July and August.

  2. Toni Dugdale says:

    Like those above, I am really looking forward to attending the Forum, to the networking opportunities, the learnings and the amazing people who will share their knowledge and findings. I’m just about finished my Masters in Communication, the end is in sight…having just completed a major assignment about how digital communication has changed the way we communicate in our organisations and with our communities, I’m really interested in seeing what others have to say around this area of our future. From my organisations perspective and my own, bring on the Forum and everything it promises to be!

  3. Alan Smith says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how we in Australia square up to hosting the World Public Relations Forum. It strikes me that communications and marketing continue more often than they should to be regarded by many organizations as something to be done (and funded) in their spare time.
    We in the business of communications need to find new ways to explain how communications is so much more than some sort of nice-to-have enabler, something that can be turned on for instant results, and turned off when money gets tight.
    The question is: have we worked out yet what those new ways might be?

  4. The Melbourne Mandate provides an excellent opportunity to advance our profession by expressing our views on trends and practices that shape the value of our profession. The three cornerstones gives us a solid framework that resonates with current practices and thinking about where public relations is going and the difference it is making within organizations and in building public trust in the organizations we serve.
    As a founding member of the GA and a past chair, I look forward to a lively debate and at a set of statements about the profession and the avlue we bring to society.

    Jean Valin APR FCPRS Canada

  5. Robina Xavier says:

    There is much to discuss so look forward to seeing the comments coming in from around the world. And we look forward to welcoming our Global Friends to Melbourne soon.
    Robina Xavier, FPRIA, Immediate Past President, Public Relations Institute of Australia

  6. Ritzi Villarico Ronquillo, APR - Manila Philippines says:

    Thank you for this! From across the miles, I support the global conversations that the Melbourne Mandate blog will generate and excitedly look forward to the culmination at the WPRF!

  7. I look forward to a journey which will hopefully involve colleagues from the professional and the academic world alike.

  8. Daniel Tisch says:

    Welcome to the Melbourne Mandate blog — the beginning of an exciting global conversation that will culminate at the World Public Relations Forum in Melbourne from November 17-20, 2012!

    Daniel Tisch
    Chair, Global Alliance for Public Relations & Communication Management

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